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GLI empowers children and adults to develop self-confidence, healthy bodies and leadership skills through learning international social graces, business etiquette, and life skills which leads to healthy relationships and personal growth.

Meet Grace Lee

Grace E. Lee of Grace Lee International Social Graces and International Business Decorum

Grace E. Lee

Grace Etsuko Lee’s experience spans more than two decades in international business. Born in Japan and educated in Asia and the U.S., she’s bilingual and equally at home in both cultures.

Grace spent the first 14 years of her life in Japan. Her mother, who came from an influential Japanese family, and her father – a West Indian, Ivy League-educated diplomat – made sure she was well-trained in both Japanese and Western social graces. This bicultural upbringing sparked an interest in etiquette at an early age. After becoming a certified John Robert Powers Finishing School Instructor, Grace opened her own finishing school, Confidence International, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Today, her background in etiquette training combined with her 20 years experience in domestic and international marketing, distribution and consulting to give Grace a unique perspective on multi-cultural interactions.

Grace is an internationally recognized business and etiquette consultant for corporations such as Hansen Natural Juices, Exxon, American Airlines, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and the Hiroshima Chamber of Commerce. She has given popular workshops in Japan, including “How to Market and Distribute in the U.S.” and “Western Business Etiquette.”

Today Grace Lee teaches Western and international social graces and business etiquette with an Asian influence, treating both as a fine art. Her unique ability to blend Western and Asian etiquette with the customs of other cultures shows students how to expand their boundaries and gives them the confidence to handle any social situation.

Grace Lee with Hiroshima Deputy Mayor Takayoshi Fukushima

Grace Lee with Hiroshima Deputy Mayor Takayoshi Fukushima

Your knowledge of etiquette and social graces can have enormous impact on how others perceive you and treat you in social situations ─ but most negative perceptions can be turned into positives through practicing these simple, forgotten arts. Grace Lee’s dynamic, motivational keynote speeches show how easy it is to make changes in your etiquette that will do more for your career and social life than any other single thing. Her interactive talks and workshops always inspire her audiences to new levels of self-discovery and growth.

“Americans are unique because they can select the best traditions from other cultures and incorporate them into their own,” says Grace. “This allows the best social graces from every culture to become part of America.”

Grace has authored two books: “Social Graces: Essential Tools for Successful Ladies”, a finishing school in a book;  and her memoir “Little Caterpillar in Training: A Culture in Transition and Its Mixed Child in Post-War Japan.”

In The Community…

Concerned Black Men of Los Angeles (CBMLA) – (website)

Grace Lee has been a Board Member of Concerned Black Men of Los Angeles (CBMLA) since 2010. She has made donations and continues to volunteer by giving etiquette workshops for Welcome To Manhood programs. CBMLA is a not for profit organization dedicated to mentoring youth to engage in constructive behaviors and guide them to direct their energies toward positive activities.  We are strongly committed to the social, emotional, academic and psychological development of African American youth. All youths are welcomed. We have a “Welcome To Manhood” program that starts in September and ends in May. For more information and to sign up for the program go to


EmpowHer Institute – (website)

EmpowHer Institute’s mission is to empower girls and women by helping them gain the skills necessary through education, training and entrepreneurship to seek fulfilling and productive lives. Grace Lee has made donations and continues to volunteer by giving etiquette workshops for EmpowHer students, volunteers, teachers, and staff.


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