Global Business Etiquette for Social Success and Cultural Integration

International Business Etiquette for Social Success and Cultural Integration by Grace Lee

International business and etiquette consultant shows how mastering forgotten social graces is the key to personal and business success.


Social Graces Will Affect Your Bottom Line

Ever had a personal or business relationship cool – and you don’t know why? You may have offended someone by your lack of proper etiquette or social grace, but you’ll never know what happened. Why? Because people are reluctant to admit they're offended by your words or behavior. "Our fast-changing times have left behind the etiquette that tells us how to act in social situations," says international business consultant and etiquette expert Grace Lee, whose fun, enlightening talks give you the savvy and social grace to [...]

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Hair Flying into Your Food!!

A couple of weeks ago I was in Solvang, a small Danish tour town in California  sitting in a pretty patio at a famous Danish pancake restaurant. The patio was small and room enough for one...

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In most of Southeast Asia, Africa and Middle East, eat with the right hand.-
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