Global Business Etiquette for Social Success and Cultural Integration


You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression, so how we impact people when we first meet is essential to success in personal and business relationships. Because society has gotten so lax in what we demand from people in that area, those that practice proper social graces stand out. It has been proven that people that practice proper social graces are perceived by others to be more educated, sophisticated, capable, attractive, and confident. They might even be perceived to have higher integrity. Those are the attributes that build respect from others. Grace Lee’s workshop show how easy it is to make changes in your etiquette that will do more for your career and social life than any other single thing whether you are interested in getting a job, a promotion, sales, or capital. Her interactive workshops always inspire her audiences to new levels of self-discovery and growth.




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In most of Southeast Asia, Africa and Middle East, eat with the right hand.-
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